Stay organized and on task with -TWO- free printable To-Do Lists!

If you are like me and like making lists for everything (Enneagram 6 🙋‍♀️) or if you are simply hoping to make the most of your days, I have a special list for you! 

We all have 24 hours in a day, but sometimes I feel as if my days fly by without knowing what happened So, I created this list with the hope that I would be more productive by staying on task. I can post this list on my studio bulletin board as a reminder of that day's schedule and I can pre-plan my coming week by filling in what needs to be accomplished and when. You can find that list below:

Daily To-Do List Freebie

Plus, as a business owner I need to balance time with my family and time when I have deadlines to meet. So, I decided to created a slightly more detailed list as well. For my fellow Creative Business owners/Artists/Small business owner friends, below you can find a slightly different list with extra prompts to include social media planning, goals, and order fulfillment planning. Find that list below:

Business Owner To-Do List Freebie

As always, I love to hear feedback! Have you printed the list and found it to be helpful? Let me know!
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